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Is it possible to assemble the coin unit 1 € on a trolley not provided ?

Of course, the operation is easy, just need to drill the handle of the trolley.
But first it’s necessary to identify the trolley, on which you have to put the coin unit, if it’s a standard shopping trolley or specific as Cash & carry or garden centre trolley, then you need to know the space required when the trolleys are nested (=distance between two handles when they are nested)

Is it necessary to substitute the whole trolley/Roll container when the wheels are damaged ?

No. It's necessary to unscrew the screw and the nut to substitute the used up wheel. But Important is to use spare parts in origin Cargo Pak to be sure that the functional of the trolley remains unchanged.

The Cargo Pak refrigerating containers are above the norm ?

Yes. The refrigerating containers are above the norm atp, which means certificated to be used on motor vehicles. Moreover they have such characteristics (thick insulating walls) which allow the classify in family strengthened refrigerators. That means refrigerating containers, which allows shipment of fresh and deep frozen food.

What does 3+1 mean ?

It's the indication for: stackable in high: 4 containers Cargo Pak with total load capacity. (that means : first container on floor with 800kg+ 3 other containers: (800+800+800+800= 3200 Kg static loading).

Is it possible to re-galvanize an old container ?

Of course it's possible. But its not advantageous. To be able to regalvanize an used container you have to disassemble the container, galvanize the pieces and then re-assemble. To all these labour force and galvanize-costs you have to add the transport cost to receive the containers and to send them back to the client.

The pallet is included ?

No. The pallet, which makes the base of the cage, is not included in the price. But after request we can supply the pallet.

How many shopping trolleys can you put in a shelter for parking trolleys in 3 lines ?

It depends on the trolley and on the LT. From 42 trolleys LT 210 to 57 shopping trolleys LT 120.

Cargo Pak is able to realize products out of standard after a clients request ?

Yes, it's possible to produce a special product after request. But to receive an interesting offer  it's necessary that the request is of  certain quantities.
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