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Warehouse nestable carts
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Collapsible and stackable metal wire mesh containers
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Cargo Pak production of: collapsible and stackable wire mesh containers, pallet cages and retention units, wire metal containers for the wine branch, standard roll containers, roll containers with plastic base, laundry roll containers, A frame nestable roll cages, thermo roll containers, self service shopping trolleys, metal shopping carts for C&C gardens & DIY, warehouse nestable carts, plastic shopping baskets with wheels.

Metal shopping trolleys for C&C gardens & DIY  
Metal shopping trolleys for C&C gardens & DIY

Metal shopping carts for Cash and Carry - gardens & DIY, platform trolleys, baggage-holding trolleys

packet-holding trolley  
packet-holding trolley

packet-holding trolley

Baggage trucks  
Baggage trucks

Baggage trolleys for hotels, railways, seaports and airports


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